What is iCandy?

We are always looking for more people to show iCandy at our iDevelopers Meetups…  I get asked the following question enough that I thought I would send this out:
What is iCandy?
It is about showing the work being done in the group, and having fun doing it. 
Sometimes these tiny presentations are done by developers and sometimes by app owners or designers. It is almost always about one app. People demo their app, using mirroring, or show slides that talk about it. Most often it is about showing an app that has been created, but it can also be about work done for an iOS app. Presentations are 5 mins and there are usually a few slides submitted to go with the talk. Just tell us you want to do it, and we will help you understand what you need to do. Pretty simple. 
Focusing on the app itself, or the development of the app, or the design of the app are all acceptable. (We are a group of developers, designers, and business people).
We always squeeze in people that are showing iCandy, if they missed the RSVP list.  You can use the link provided to take part. Aaron Hilton organizes the iCandy usually, and is the one getting the message from this form:
If you are still unsure you can always share a bit more info to one of the organizers, and ask for advice. We are happy to help.