Vancouver iDevelopers Annual General Meeting

Hello all:

I hope that you are having a super day.

First off I would like to thank all the executives who spent so much time and energy making sure that 2014 / 2015 was a fantastic year as ViDIA (nee Van iDev) evolved into a true team effort. Each monthly meetup has been very well attended and an amazing venue for the community to show off all the wonderful things we are creating here in Vancouver. I look forward to the continuation of this and applaud those who wish to take a more active role in the future.

With that said we will be holding ViDIA’s AGM during the May meetup. We are finalizing the last steps towards securing a host which we should be announcing when and where soon. The facility will be big enough to allow for a large number of our members to enjoy the event as well as take the opportunity to vote for this year’s executive board. We will start the voting with a motion requiring those who run for the roles of President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer to have had at least one years experience serving on the executive. This motion follows a common idea that it is hard to run a group without having already played a role for one year.

The floor will also be open for any member who wishes to make any of their own motions to be put to a vote.  As for the election… the executive positions and roles are:

President – Sets up the speaker list and group stewardship

Vice-President – iCandy,  steps into the role of President if he / she isn’t available.

Secretary - (New) Organize meetings and record minutes. Maintains our official records.

Treasurer – Financial organization.

Member Relations Officer- Sets up and manages the meeting space and prints out name tags.

Sponsorship Relations Officer – Interacts with industry businesses. Sponsorship.

Communications Officer – Getting the message out using Email,,, Social.

Designer at Large – (New) Making sure that ViDIA looks as good as we can.

Executive Officer (x3+) – set up a bi-annual hackathon like events.

We will start with President and move down the list. There will be 30 – 45 seconds speeches for each person running. If you aren’t elected for the first role you ran for then you can give another speech for the next role.  

If you are interested in running in the election please contact me so I can add you to the list.

On top of this we will also have a fantastic mystery speaker flying up from the valley that I know will make for a very, very interesting evening.  Once we have the event host fully signed on we will open the event up for registration.

Chris Hobbs,
President of ViDIA